We are confident that the service we offer is of a high standard, but we do not expect you to take our word for it, below are just a sample of some of the positive comments we have received.

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Michelle, Bourne End

Thanks Louise Grafton-Mitchell for a fab Pilates class last night. Defn feel more stretchy today x

Katie, Bourne End

'I first started going to Louise's classes in January 2015. I became pregnant in the June and naturally had a fairly long break from classes but got straight back into it when my daughter was six weeks old, despite the fact that a change in venue meant that I had to travel much further. This is a great testament to Louise who is a very committed, passionate and motivating person. Her classes are great fun, especially Clubbercise which takes me back to my clubbing days as a teenager! I would highly recommend Pangaea Fitness & Training - a great way to keep fit and make friends'

Rosemary of Prestwood

"If, like me, you want to stay fit and healthy but do not enjoy exercising in the gym, then join Louise's aqua aerobics class. I look forward to her class as it is both fun and friendly. You will finish the session invigorated after a series of excellent, enjoyable exercises in the water that work both your heart and muscles. I can highly recommend her class."

Zenib of Downley

My name is Zenib, aged 25. I started going to Clubbercise, and other classes recommended by a friend after moving to High Wycombe 2 years ago. I never knew about Pangaea Fitness and Training but when I did the classes looked exciting. I've thoroughly enjoyed going since I first began, and can't get enough of it. It's fun, high impact and makes me want to exercise. Louise is an amazing teacher. Funny, energetic, helpful and caring. Having a teacher who keeps you going gives me the motivation to do more. Pangea fitness is amazing and inspiring. It's the best way to exercise knowing that you've worked hard but enjoyed it as well. My health and wellness has improved vastly, and my mind and body is more relaxed and happy. Pangaea fitness is the place to be. :)

Kerry of Stokenchurch

‘Love Your Wednesday morning Pilates at Piddington and Thursday Clubbercise and intend to come regularly... though sometimes I work on Wednesdays Have been spreading the word about your classes which provide quality training and are excellent value’

Judith of Downley

Louise's classes have made me fitter, stronger, leaner and more flexible. What's more, I've lost loads of weight and found the waist I never knew I had! The classes are suitable for all sizes, shapes and ages and Louise always gives personal attention and offers alternatives for all abilities. But most of all, the classes are fun and friendly.

Monica, High Wycombe

"Get Fit - Lose Fat - Have Fun! Louise's Aqua classes are the most enjoyable way to exercise"

Stuart of High Wycombe

Hi Louise. Just wanted to say how easy I have found KSFL since starting 3 weeks ago. I have lost 20lb and rediscovered how great food can taste. Might get around to exercising soon.

Jo of Hazlemere

"I look forward to Louise's Fitness Pilates classes. They are a fun way of exercising whilst being in good company. Fitness Pilates is as hard or as gentle an exercise as you decide to make it depending on the effort you put in. The classes vary in age and fitness levels but it doesn't matter how fit or unfit you are Louise is always there to encourage and support you. I really miss the classes if for some reason I am unable to go"

Stuart of Slough about KSFL

'Just got some new jogging bottoms and swim shorts and guess what I'm a large not an extra large any more'

Clare, Downley

'I have been attending Louise's classes for over a year now and no other instructor has managed to both help me and keep me motivated like Louise. Her classes are energetic and varied, whether you prefer high impact workouts like Insanity or less intense classes like Fitness Pilates, there is something for everyone. Whatever your goals are, Louise will listen and motivate you to reach them. Her humour, kindness and dedication make the sessions fun and entertaining and she has a wealth of knowledge which she is willing to share. I can't recommend her enough!'

Jo, Downley

I'm aching from Body Con last night Good workout though x


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Member of European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs)